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Learning Objectives

- 自由翻译职业的传统模式所面临的挑战
- 自由翻译人士可以加入到现行生意中的6种收入模式
- 如何创造受欢迎并号卖的相关产品和课程?
- 如何利用现有资源来创造这些产品和课程?
- 如何推广并销售这些产品和课程?


如果你终日为如何吸引更多客户烦恼, 如果你经常为自由职业不稳定的收入而担心, 那么你会在本课程中了解并学习到如何利用你现有的资源创造多种收入渠道, 达到预期的相对稳定的现金流。无需再担心生意淡季, 也无需不断追逐新客户。
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如果你不想再为工作量不足, 客户不多而烦恼, 如果你想彻底阻断忙时忙死, 闲时闲死的困境, 你会在本课中学习到如何利用现有资源创造多渠道收入 (当然不是通过同时做三个不同的工作, 极度缩短睡眠时间)

Upload Date

November 17, 2013

Trainer Bio

Joy Mo - Joy Mo is a freelance translator and certified Mandarin/English Court Interpreter based in BC Canada. Joy moved to Canada from her home country China in 2001 and established herself as a language professional in British Columbia.She runs a website www.translators-biz-secret.com that shares business tips and secrets with other language professionals. Through her own personal experiences, Joy understands the challenges and problems freelancers face. She publishes a free monthly ezine 'Translate Your Way to Success' to help freelancers attract higher-paying clients and create a steadier income flow. For more information visit www.translators-biz-secret.com.

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