Starting a small translation agency: marketing & business


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Do you want to run a small translation agency or improve your current business & marketing knowledge? This is the right webinar. Learn how to create a business plan, gather ideas, implement processes and start your small agency with the help of tools and resources for business and marketing.
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In one hour, we will see how to start your small translation agency.

Maybe your freelancing career has brought you to collaborate so many times that you now want to establish your niche translation agency, or maybe you've always wanted to be in charge of workflows and processes, have a supporting team and put you innovative idea into practice.

In both cases, this webinar will help you to understand how to start your translation agency - almost from scratch - and create a business able to fit your lifestyle and expand your network.

From finding opportunities, analysing the market, getting help with finance and business planning to planning your first marketing moves and setting a structure that suits the translation workflow, we will outline the first steps in creating your business and choose the most useful available tools.

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May 23, 2017

Trainer Bio

Sara Colombo - Sara is a qualified En-Fr-Sp>Italian translator with 6 years of experience within the marketing, business and CE/medical devices fields backed by relevant working experience in the marketing industry. She is also the author of the book ‘Balance Your Words. Stepping in the translation Industry’ and a blogger at A marketer by heart, Sara loves to use social media to connect with peers but also to find new markets and niches. To get in touch with her connect through Twitter (@sc_translations), LinkedIn (Sara Colombo), Facebook (Sara Colombo Translations) or visit her blog!

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