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10 steps to go from struggling to thriving as a freelance translator


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In this webinar we cover 10 steps to achieve a thriving translation career, including goals, specialization, pricing, mindset, marketing plan, finding clients.
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Do you ever feel like you are the victim of your business or customers, having to accept low rates, impossible deadlines and not knowing where your next project will come from? I think we have all been there. I know that every freelance translator who has a solid linguistic basis can succeed, and deserves to succeed, with a thriving freelance business. My mission is to help you achieve this.

In this seminar we will cover 10 steps to take to achieve a thriving translation career, starting with the foundations: your services, specialization, clients and what makes you unique. Then we continue with a financial plan, pricing strategies, marketing plan, how to apply to translation agencies and also how to find direct clients.

Finally, we end with how to take care of your clients and make them come back for more. Following these steps you will help ensure you have a steady stream of income, working with clients and jobs you like, and achieve a thriving business.

During the seminar you will start developing your own marketing plan, calculate your pricing and decide on which marketing materials are right for you.

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October 02, 2017

Trainer Bio

Tess Whitty - Tess Whitty has been a successful freelance translator and entrepreneur for over 10 years and owns the company Swedish Translation Services. Her educational and professional background is in marketing and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge with other freelancers in the form of presentations, training, mentoring and consulting. She is also the author of the book Marketing Cookbook for Translators, with easy to follow recipes for marketing your translation services and achieving a successful freelance lifestyle, and the award winning podcast Marketing Tips for Translators. For more information, and to connect, go to www.swedishtranslationservices.com or www.marketingtipsfortranslators.com.

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Idalia Rueda
about 2 years ago

It's a good starting point if you're a freelancer and have no idea what to do business-wise.

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