A TAUS Webinar: Sneak peek into our Post-Editing course

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50 minutes


With this webinar you will get a sneak peek into TAUS post-editing course content. You'll also learn about the benefits of becoming a TAUS certified post editor. And by participating you'll receive a 20% discount voucher on the TAUS PE course valid up to two weeks after the webinar.
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Would you like to add post-editing to your existing skill set? Or to find a way to stand out in the business? This webinar will introduce you to the renewed TAUS PE course, where you can learn about both the theoretical foundations and the hands-on best practices to become a confident post-editor. In this webinar, you’ll have the chance to get a preview of the course content and see how it will help you in practice to better approach your next post editing task. The course content is provided in English but exercises are available in 30 language pairs

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October 02, 2018
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