Avoiding burnout for busy translators: the lowdown on lymphatic and muscular training


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Learn to identify the warning signs of the kind of physical burnout translators suffer from. It is no coincidence that the same type of ailments affect translators wherever they work in the world. For cerebral professionals such as translators, acquiring knowledge about the causes behind the pain is the first step. From there, re-balancing your muscles and keeping your lymphatic system moving will keep you pain free and productive even during those times when you have tough deadlines to meet. This talk provides up-to-date information that is, surprisingly, not very well known.
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*Quick biography of the presenter, explaining the personal experience behind the information
*Why we are unbalanced - the roots of common problems
*Self assessment - students make a personal physical / health assessment based on common markers
*Step by step through the body parts explaining functions and weaknesses, and how to rebalance
*Overview of the lymphatic system and methods that are easily incorporated into a working day to keep it healthy
*Delivery of resource pack of wonderful links for deepening your knowledge.

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April 30, 2019

Trainer Bio

Marta Maojo - Marta's career in Personal Training began some 17 years ago after her previous career in Human Resources was cut short by a debilitating case of tendinitis or, as per the official denomination, Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS). The only successful means of overcoming the pain and limitation of OOS was by following a guided muscle-building, Pilates and Yoga training with Personal Trainers. Marta, like so many other office workers, had serious postural problems despite an active lifestyle. Marta qualified as a Personal Trainer, Aqua fitness Instructor and Swimming Instructor. Her qualifications are internationally recognised by FISAF, Network Fitness and Austswim. She trained for 6 intensive months at a Pilates Studio in Sydney and took a Pilates for Trainers course. She is passionate about her new career which she combines with translating. Through experience she learnt the importance of balanced posture. Her philosophy as a Trainer is to empower the client with information and a personalized, structured exercise program for their particular needs so that they too can overcome imbalances and come away stronger. The final objective of this kind of training is to prepare the client to be their own Trainer. Diet is also an important aspect of any successful training program and Marta has a deep personal interest in diet and nutrition. Her work puts her in contact with many people suffering problems associated with sedentary work and she has discovered that although we are all different there are some training and diet guidelines that apply to nearly everyone. Marta currently lives and works in Valencia Spain.

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