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Across CAT Tool Video Tutorial

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Demonstration and overview on Across CAT tool - ideal for those who want to learn about the tool and see the software in use.
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  • PowerPoint presentation presenting the key data of the company
  • Screenshots showing the main modules of the software
Demonstration of the system
  1. The translation memory is prefilled with demo data (tmx file will be available for the participants)
  2. The terminology database is prefilled with a couple of entries (csv file will be available for the participants)
  3. Translation of a Word document as an example showing the key features of the translation process:
    • Project creation/ import of the document / opening a document
    • Definition of the language combination and integrating a TM and a terminology database for this specific language combination
    • The translation environment and the translation process
    • Finishing a translation
    • Exporting the translation /creating the translation

Upload Date

September 01, 2009
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