An Introduction to Translating for Film and Television


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For established and aspiring translators who would like to move into subtitling.
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• Short presenter's introduction and story of establishing herself as a film translator
• Main differences between translation for print and translation for moving images
• Main principles of subtitling
• Problem solving and creative translation
• What kind of work is available
• Source and target languages
• Required language ability
• Equipment and software
• Markets and rates

Upload Date

July 05, 2010

Trainer Bio

Paul Memmi - Paul Memmi has a passion for signs, signs we send to each other, and that some make into great works of art or great thoughts. This passion led him to become a translator - a messenger as well as an interpreter - and to teach his profession at university. It has also made him write for cinema and create fine art works. His collages illustrate his website. If the subtitled image aims to be perceived as a ready-made expression, one can also be fascinated by its aesthetic as a collage, that is, according to Eisenstein, cinema itself.

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Hayyan Ibrahim
over 1 year ago

This video contains useful information but only for beginners with zevo experience in subtitling. It doesn't add any value for someone who has already worked on one subtitling project at max.

Blanca Collazo
over 8 years ago

I would've preferred English examples since I don't speak French. Nothing I didn't know. boring just looking at the presenter's 'resume'; not enough examples,etc.

almost 10 years ago

The worst webinar I have ever attended. It didn't even touch upon most of the areas that it had promised to cover in the course summary.

Dr. Tilmann Kleinau
about 10 years ago

Too few examples, there could have been more information about software, prices, practical working conditions and market conditions, more to look at and to read.

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