Anticipating, preventing and dealing with arguments and complaints


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Learning Objectives

Attendees will learn:
  • good practices for anticipating and avoiding possible problems during the pre-order phase;
  • whether their translation practices are opening them up to possible complaints;
  • how to deal with complaints when they arise;
  • techniques for managing conflict without losing custom.


Make life easier by avoiding conflict with your customers before, during and after a translation job. Learn how to foresee, prevent and confront the situations of conflict that most freelance translators face sooner or later. Find the balance between standing up for yourself and keeping your customer happy.
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Be ready to deal with any arguments or complaints that may arise in relation to your work. Learn how to anticipate problems, avoid them, understand them when they occur and react appropriately to keep everyone (including yourself) happy. Gather some simple techniques that you can apply if arguments or complaints are raised in relation to your work, whether justified or not.

The webinar breaks the translation process down into three simple steps: before, during and afterwards. It opens by discussing good practices that you can apply before the customer (agency or end customer) makes the order. It includes techniques to avoid problems ever arising and some typical pre-order conflicts that may occur and ways to deal with them, while making sure you negotiate a fair deal.

The next section asks you to consider your translation practices and whether you are covering your back or opening yourself up to possible complaints later on. Next, we move on to discuss the sort of complaints that may be raised after delivery and ways to deal with them.

The webinar closes with five top tips for managing conflict in the translation process, to help you avoid stress and keep customers, even after a problem arises.

Here is some feedback from others on these course's trainer:

"I'm lucky because the two qualifications discussed here were the ones I had already chosen for myself and all I needed was a little more details plus someone's honest perspective on the things and processes involved. All questions answered, thank you!"

Nadine Cesson

"Presented exactly what she said she would"


Upload Date

September 16, 2014

Trainer Bio

Gwenydd Jones - Gwenydd Jones is a freelance Spanish-to-English translator and translator trainer. She has two MAs, the first in Translation Studies and the second in Legal Translation, and the DipTrans (CIOL). With 10 years’ experience, Gwenydd specialises in business, legal and marketing translation, copyediting and proofreading. You can read her blog and discover her courses for translators at

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