Applying for a Job Posting – How can I get more positive replies?


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Learning Objectives

• How to “read” the job posting
• Shall I apply or better not? The constant dilemma.
• Presenting yourself: Cover letter + Resume
• Additional value to your resume – what makes you stand out of the crowd?
• What makes an application eligible after all?
• Common mistakes in job applications and how to avoid them
• What do outsourcers love and what they hate


How to apply to a job posting and have chances to be hired: All steps required from checking out the outsourcer, composing your resume, presenting your credentials, improving your CV on the way, up to finally applying for the actual job. What are the common mistakes we make when applying for a job through an online job posting? What could be improved in our applications? What you should do and what should be avoided after your application has been submitted.
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We see a lot of job postings on-line every day and we tend to send our resume for many of them, thus the (positive) replies we receive are not that many. Why does this happen?

Working as well as an outsourcer and posting jobs on-line I have seen hundreds of applications. What makes me smile when the application comes in and what makes me want to delete the application instantly (in the end I don’t but I would love to).

What are the common mistakes we do and how could they be avoided?

• Drafting you resume: what information should be included
• How to create a good resume using your existing resources
• How to improve your resume with additional resources obtained on the way
• Important steps before applying to a job posting: what to check before you apply
• How to apply to a job posting: what to send, how to send it and what to expect
• Follow-up: After a job posting and after a job completion

After the presentation there will be enough time to discuss any issues and reply to all questions arising from the presentation or things you always wanted to ask. You may send your questions in advance if you wish, using the forum under the webinar’s description

Upload Date

July 03, 2015

Trainer Bio

Irene Koukia - Irene Koukia is a freelance Translator, Trainer and Business Coach. She used to be an International Travel Consultant since 1989, working for many international companies as a Branch Manager. She also used to be a German teacher in her free time. Irene has also taught for two semesters at IEK Naxos in the Hotel F&B Department, providing students with theoretical and practical skills in Tourism. In September 2008 she changed her career to follow the job she always wanted: Translation. Since Irene had no other relation to Translation, she managed to grow her business successfully on her own, using and implementing managerial and marketing skills obtained during her former occupation. She obtained her certificate in Translation in 2010 and became a certified Business Coach in 2015. She is currently studying Business Administration at the Hellenic Open University. After a lot of study and efforts, she is making a living as a Freelance Translator, working with a large number of clients and linguists all over the world, as well as a Tutor at Metafrasi School of Translation.

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Sara Romero Mira
10 months ago

Good video if you want to learn the basics of how to reply to job postings, but there are no groundbreaking tips on how to get better results.

Bilyana Ancheva
about 5 years ago

I am very pleased with the material of the course, it gave me an insight on how the outsourcers/the posters of the project are processing our translator´s job applications on the other end of the chain

almost 7 years ago

Well paced and full of advice for the ones starting as freelance translators. These are the very first steps to take on you career path, also full of useful links and suggestions to improve your knowledge and image.

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