Audio (and Video) Translation Basics


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Learning Objectives

In this video you'll learn what it takes to translate audio/video recordings and how it can be done most efficiently.


Learn the basics and see some efficient tools (mostly freeware) that you need to transcribe or translate audio or video recordings efficiently.
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Would you like to expand your services to offer audio/video translation?

Do you get such requests from your clients and feel unsure about how to handle them?

Have you tried doing it with what you thought was 'adequate' hardware and software... and it took you a whole week to translate a 10-minute speech?

If you answered 'yes' to any or all the questions above, then this video course is for you. It will show you what is or should be used to do it efficiently. Special attention will be given to freeware options, so you can check your skill without any investment.

Please bear in mind that this is NOT a course in video translation for dubbing or subtitling, however it is an essential prerequisite if you ever intend to do it.

Upload Date

March 28, 2011

Trainer Bio

José Henrique Lamensdorf - Jose began translating video for dubbing EN>PT in 1987, coached by his best-client-to-become (who had a whole company to run, no time to go on translating). He developed his own technique for perfect metrics, and specialized in training/corporate videos, where quality requirements are very high. Only in 2004 he dared to venture into translation for subtitling. He soon realized that the technique was the same, however the art was different: each type of work required a completely different frame of mind, which he developed. After having translated several hundred videos, facing numerous challenges and pitfalls, he compiled the basic guidance any translator or interpreter would need to get started on the right track in translating audio or video.

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Marija Jankovic
9 months ago

Some interesting and insightful points.

Mariana Passos
about 3 years ago

This training could be good for people who have never dealt with audio/video files.
He gives some precious hints that can save some time with working with audiovisual translation.
The formats of audio/video he mentions are out of date, so the technical part (which takes most of the video) didn't add much to me. I think the video/audio examples were a bit long, and the quality of the audio was not good as well.

User Avatar
almost 6 years ago

Not that the course itself is problematic, but I already knew all the 'science' parts. Probably I've just chosen the wrong course for me, but the course itself, I believe, should be good for some colleagues. Just one more thing: the audio quality is acceptable, but would be more comfortable for the ear if improved.

about 9 years ago

Just the technical part, I could do without

about 9 years ago

Exactly what I was hoping for. Also, full of examples.

over 9 years ago

It is exactly what I was looking for now, that I am trying to start working on translating audio files.

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