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Build Yourself an Optimized LinkedIn Profile


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88 minutes

Learning Objectives

- A SEO-friendly and LinkedIn search-friendly profile
- Immediately usable and implementable simple strategies and tricks
- How to maximise chances to appear as high as possible in a LinkedIn search
- How to make a good first impression in a search


Get some keys in this webinar to boost your LinkedIn profile and mak it one of your best online shop-windows!
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LinkedIn is the number one business social network out there. Hundreds of jobs and networking opportunities are being exchanged there every day. LinkedIn is now the most powerful ally of freelance businesses in general - it is an amazing shop-window. But how to sell yourself there? How to make that shop-window attractive so that potential clients and partners look at it and open the door to the shop? Your LinkedIn profile is where it all begins and in the web 2.0 era where everything goes so quickly online, you only have a few seconds to grab your visitors attention. Get some keys in this webinar to boost your LinkedIn profile and mak it one of your best online shop-windows!

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"Great course! It goes beyond the basics, covering the meat of SMM."
Jennifer Baldwin

"I found the material to be very relevant to the current state of social media. Anne's presentation was based on her own extensive experience with social media, which made her talk lively and interesting."
Anton Kunin

"The latest and greatest in social media for translators."
Tess Whitty

Upload Date

November 01, 2012

Trainer Bio

Anne Diamantidis - French native certified translator for English and German, Anne is the Marketing Manager (and occasional in-house translator!) at GxP Language Services, a medical LSP based in Germany. She also has her own business working as a Social Media & Internet Marketing consultant, speaker and trainer for freelancers and small business owners, in the translation industry and in other industries - she has already helped hundreds of translators boost their online presence and visibility. Earlier this year, she was commissioned to manage the online image of a candidate running in the French elections - quite an experience! A regular contributor to marketing and translation publications, she gives training sessions and workshops all over Europe. Follow her on Twitter @ADiamantidis and join the SocialMedia4Translators Community for daily tips on online branding! Also check out The Stinging Nettle for articles and help on Internet Marketing.

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Aleksandar Antić
about 2 months ago

Unfortunately, the audio quality is abysmal.

Alexis Songe Dinanga
almost 3 years ago

I loved this webinar very insightful informations. Thanks Anne!

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