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C05V-Tribal Mentality In The 21St Century


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59 minutes

Learning Objectives

To create awareness of the need to overcome our hardwire structure of thought in terms of OUR TRIBES and choose our own way of processing our perceptions. This awareness of our tribal mentality and the fact that our nervous system is predisposed to organize perceptions into groups will allow us to understand how we mostly think in terms of US vs THEM. This awareness should lead to an understanding of some of the group underpinnings of behavior and relationships, and in gaining such understanding, start to change or help change negative behaviors and replace them with healthy responses that correspond to our needs as humans living in a technological society in the 21 century Global Village.


This workshop explores the evolution of the human brain and how humans have advanced complex system of communication, including the development of linguistic systems that can express an infinite variety of separate and distinct thoughts. It explores how different facets of our brain have evolved in time, and how many still coexist today inside our heads, being essential components of the mainframe of our being. They are the hardware by which we are wired to our perception of the world, and culture is all about how we humans perceive the world. Free Bonus for attendees who have taken the 4 CLAS Bundle workshops.
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The workshop explores the relationship between thoughts, emotions and actions and how the human mind uses categories like race, gender and ethnicity. It looks at the reasons why humans are hardwired to sort everything into groups and associate in categories. It explains the differences between the tribal mentality, vital to survival of the human species in the past, to the current danger of incurring in racial, ethnic and cultural profiling. This is at the core of religious strife, political conflicts, and most rivalries. In many ways, it is at the core of the concepts of country and culture. Concepts that denote "my group", "my" religion, "my" race, "my" country are at the center of most conflicts in societies past and present. Now then, they exist because a long time ago, such things were useful, because we were surrounded by wild animals and needed to hunt, so group identification and cohesion was important for survival. The service of this tribal mentality is no longer valid and we must learn to proactively overcome the barriers it creates in our ability to engage in cross-cultural communication and healthy intercultural relationships.

Upload Date

December 23, 2011

Trainer Bio

Claudia Brauer - Claudia became a trainer of translators and interpreters in 2011, after 35 years of experience as a translator and interpreter. She is also a speaker, writer and blogger on topics related to the current state of the translation and interpreting industry. She has designed and delivered more than 200 hours of proprietary content and uses her wikis to freely disseminated some 25 copyrighted tools designed to help translators and interpreters in the 21st century virtual village. The vision of BrauerTraining is to educate translators and interpreters, so they may become great quality professionals with a high code of ethics, embracing technology to remain competitive in today's world. Claudia can be found on the web at http://brauertraining.com and on Twitter as @Brauer21Century.

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