Concise Writing for Subtitling


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Learning Objectives

Provide students with specific tools and techniques to simplify, shorten, and make translated messages more dense, yet, keep the vivid and striking form of the source text.


Concise writing is the key to subtitling translation as well as to advertising, journalism, radio, Internet localization and many other types of specialized writing and translation.
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For subtitling, semiolinguistic Concision Tools are used to spare the subtitle from what is already conveyed by the audio/visual movie environment. How to focus on the essential message, simplify, shorten it, and make it more dense, yet, give it a more persuasive, vivid and striking form is the challenge. This course will go deeper into the discovery of the proven Ph-D Paul Memmi's Linguistic Concision Toolbox © for concise writing.

Topics to be covered during the presentation:

• Graphic Changes
• Construction Changes
• Style Changes
• Intensification
• Meaning Transfers

Upload Date

August 04, 2010

Trainer Bio

Paul Memmi - Paul Memmi has a passion for signs, signs we send to each other, and that some make into great works of art or great thoughts. This passion led him to become a translator - a messenger as well as an interpreter - and to teach his profession at university. It has also made him write for cinema and create fine art works. His collages illustrate his website. If the subtitled image aims to be perceived as a ready-made expression, one can also be fascinated by its aesthetic as a collage, that is, according to Eisenstein, cinema itself.

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Mariana Passos
almost 3 years ago

There's useful information here. But it'is very long.
I can imagine that after starting to put those techniques into practice it will become second nature, but it was a lot of information to absorb at once.

Victoria R
over 5 years ago

The course offers a very little amount of useful training information in relation to the time it takes.

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