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This video introduces translators to the basics of Desktop Publishing, its place in the process of translating a document and the main tools we use for this task.
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Topics to be addressed include:

• What is DTP and where it is in the process of publishing / printing?
• Scope of the translator's work on projects with DTP
• Requirements for working with DTP software
• Approaching a project with DTP

In the video, the trainer makes a presentation to attendees covering the above issues, using a PowerPoint presentation and sharing his desktop, to show the main tools that are used.

Upload Date

May 20, 2009

Trainer Bio

Mauricio Coitiño - Mauricio Coitiño se desempeña profesionalmente como traductor y diseñador gráfico freelance desde hace más de cinco años. Posee experiencia en servicios de DTP para agencias de traducción, traducción de sitios web, diseño editorial y diseño de imagen corporativa. Es Técnico Profesional en Diseño Gráfico y estudiante avanzado de Licenciatura en Diseño Gráfico y del IH Diploma in Translation. Desde 2007 enseña Español como lengua extranjera en International House Montevideo. Mauricio Coitiño has been a professional EN-ES translator and graphics designer for over five years. He is experienced in DTP services for translation agencies, website translation, editorial design and corporate image design. He is a professional graphics operator and an advanced student of a BA in Graphic Design and the IH Diploma in Translation. Since 2007, he has been teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at International House Montevideo.

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