European Translators: Adapt Your Marketing Materials to Target US-based Clients


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Learning Objectives

Attendees will learn how to adapt their resume specifically for clients in the US market.
Attendees will learn how to create and adapt a business profile for end clients in the US market.
Attendees will learn how to create and adapt business cars for the US market.
Students will receive insight into American business culture so that they can adapt their approach to maximize success when interacting with American business professionals.


US agencies and end-clients often seek translators based in the country they are targeting, but are not sure how to go about getting in contact with such translators. Reach out to potential US-based clients with the adapted promotional materials so that you have a higher rate of success expanding your clientele with US-based clients.
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If you are a translator living in Europe, many US based-agencies and clients would like to work with you. To directly target this market, you should adapt your various promotional items for the US audience so that they will be comfortable approaching you and feel that you will be an easy addition to their current team. We will talk about how to adapt your resume for US agencies, how to create a profile to send to potential end-clients and how to adapt your business cards for this market.

Upload Date

February 04, 2011

Trainer Bio

Eve Lindemuth Bodeux - Eve Lindemuth Bodeux has been active in the translation and localization industries for over 15 years. She has broad of experience within these industries including vendor management, project management and translation, as well as building and directing international project teams. She has successfully managed projects for a variety of clients worldwide and has experience in preparing products for markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas. She integrates insider knowledge of the localization process with language-specific, technical and cultural considerations for successful project completion. Eve has graduate degrees from both a US university and a French university and is a dual French-American national. She is actively involved in professional associations that serve international and language-related industries and is a voting member of the American Translators Association and Vice President of the Colorado Translators Association. She has given numerous presentations about translation and localization to professional associations and university programs throughout the US and Europe. She has published many articles on the same topics. She lives in the Denver, CO USA area.

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gulay baran
over 9 years ago

It was very informative! She has mentioned many important concepts on the approach of both translation agencies and direct clients by emphasizing the differences between these two groups.

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