Extreme Outsourcing for Bigger Profits


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Learning Objectives

1- fundamentals of profitable outsourcing
2- what is extreme outsourcing?
3- Why and when do you need to outsource?
4- how to outsource for bigger profit
5- what you need to know about outsourcing overseas
6-what is a virtue assistant?


You'll learn: -the fundamentals of profitable outsourcing -when do you need to outsource -why most people get it wrong when outsourcing -dos and donts of outsourcing
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If you want to grow your business and boost your income, you need to delegate. Learn how to max your profit through strategic outsourcing.

Upload Date

June 18, 2013

Trainer Bio

Joy Mo - Joy Mo is a freelance translator and certified Mandarin/English Court Interpreter based in BC Canada. Joy moved to Canada from her home country China in 2001 and established herself as a language professional in British Columbia.She runs a website www.translators-biz-secret.com that shares business tips and secrets with other language professionals. Through her own personal experiences, Joy understands the challenges and problems freelancers face. She publishes a free monthly ezine 'Translate Your Way to Success' to help freelancers attract higher-paying clients and create a steadier income flow. For more information visit www.translators-biz-secret.com.

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