Interpreting in the Courts (England and Wales) DPSI, MET Test Preparation


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163 minutes

Learning Objectives

The course gives you much needed confidence in a courtroom. You will learn:

- how the English legal system works.
- what is likely to happen before, during and after the hearing
- what your role as an interpreter is

A useful glossary of legal terminology used in the courts will be provided.


Ideal training for DPSI and Met Test preparation. Overview of the English legal system. Practical guide to working in courts in England and Wales for new and prospective interpreters. Terminology explained. Course run by an experienced court and police interpreter. Duration 120 minutes.
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This 2-part course is taught by a UK-based court and police interpreter. It provides an insight into terminology and procedures used in courtrooms in England and Wales. It is designed for freelancers who are at the beginning of their career as a court interpreter. At the end of this course participants will have a clear idea of how English courts work and feel more confident about interpreting in the courts. To help with the specific vocabulary used in legal proceedings a useful glossary of terms will be provided. Extremely useful if you are preparing for the DPSI (English Law) or the MET Test.

Upload Date

November 27, 2013

Trainer Bio

Aleksandra Fiddler - Aleksandra Fiddler is a UK based freelance legal translator, interpreter and English teacher working in the industry since 2000. With an MA in English and a DPSI (English Law) she has a sound understanding of the English legal system and procedures. That, coupled with her flair for teaching and inspiring others makes her webinars a must. Aleksandra provides a hands-on training for freelance interpreters wishing to improve their skills and feel more confident in their day to day work. Email: Website: Twitter: @totalenglish_uk

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over 6 years ago

Hi Aleksandra, I just have a query as I haven't finished listening to the course. Would it be possible to receive a copy of your slides and the glossary. That would save me taking notes and I would be able to follow better the course. Thank you very much Alex

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