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Manage your localization projects so that schedule, quality and cost goals are achieved. Simple messages and techniques to improve your project management performance as soon as you return to the workplace.
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What will I get out of it?
Participants will get an outline of a simple effective framework to help them manage projects more successfully.

What is it about?
The workshop is divided into 6 modules as outlined below:

1. Mission
• What is to be done? When will it be finished?
• Who cares?
• How do they ask you?
• How do you commit?
• Do you commit?
• Lessons Learned*

2.Process and Tools • What process does your company use?
• What tools can you use?
• What tools should you use?
• Lessons Learned*

• Scheduling techniques
• Contingency
• Risk analysis - The theory/The reality
• Budgetting
• Lessons Learned*

• Knowing your team
• Getting them to do things
• How work gets done
• Multiple projects and shared resources
• Lessons Learned*

• Basics of communication
• Tools used today
• Communication within team
• Communication outside team
• Lessons Learned*

6.Project execution
• The best laid plans
• Re-planning. Responding to new requests
• Adding new projects
• Re-budgeting. Project reviews
• Lessons Learned*

*A feature of the workshop is the “Lesson Learned” section which summarises the key points and learnings at the end of each module.

Upload Date

April 16, 2010

Trainer Bio

Tom Connolly - Tom Connolly runs itac enterprises, a Project Management and Business Development consultancy enabling clients to meet aggressive goals, streamline operations and grow business. Projects have been implemented in New Product Development and Localisation in the ICT and Life Science sectors. In the past two years Tom has focused on SMEs and start-ups, implementing 'big company' practices in a practical, simple way. He also undertakes highly complex projects for larger clients. Tom has developed a number of workshops which have been delivered successfully in Ireland, Holland, Germany, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Vienna, Argentina and Australia. Tom is looking for clients who may need experienced highly capable project managers; clients who wish to develop their business in new markets or with new products, and clients who may need their workforce trained to be more effective and efficient.

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about 9 years ago

Absolutely fantastic advice and rather entertaining too! Thanks!

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