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This session on Machine Translation (MT) software/systems focuses on the specific needs and questions of language service providers, having either/and in-house and external freelance translation professionals, in the decision-making process about MT solutions. It will cover desktop, server-based and web-based solutions available for agencies as well as enterprise-level solutions for large customers.
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This session intends to provide range of small-to-large language service provider agencies with information to evaluate the range of solutions which which are available for their relevant contexts and constraints. Various pros and cons of each system type will be covered from the specific perspective of constraints typical for a range of agency sizes.

The agenda topics include:

• non-customizable vs customizable solutions for this audience type
• compatibility with other desktop solutions typically used by agencies
• test / trial versions
• existing evaluations and reports
• cases studies pertinent to the agency audience
• tool-specific training and support with focus on agencies of different sizes
• language content requirements for training enterprise-level systems
• tool-user groups
• open question/answer time

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February 16, 2011

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