Machine Translation: Myth Or Reality?


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Learning Objectives

In this course you will learn what is MT really. You will get to learn many more tools than Google translate, but also the architectures behind them. You will see how easy or difficult it is to add a new language pair, how is MT in the market and also in research; when you can use it and when you should not.


Learn more about how MT really works. When you can use it and when you should not use it.. Which tools are available and which are their advantages and disadvantages. Which are the myths about MT and what is the reality today.
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In one and half hour, learn about the architectures of MT as well as the advantages and disadvantages of MT tools. After a brief history of how MT started and how it has been developed through the years, you will see by means of examples the differences between Rule-based, Example-based, and Statistical Machine Translation. Current commercial but also free/open-source MT tools will be presented along with information about the languages that they support, their usability, and the community behind them. Last but not least, some prominent evaluation metrics of MT will be shown. Many references will be given throughout the presentation for future reading.

Upload Date

December 18, 2012

Trainer Bio

Dimitra Anastasiou - Dr. Dimitra Anastasiou has a university degree from the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting in Corfu, Greece and a PhD from the Saarland University, Germany on the topic of Idiom Experiments in Machine Translation. She worked as a researcher at the Localisation Research Centre in Limerick, Ireland and also at the departments of Languages and Literary Studies and Computer Science at the University of Bremen, Germany. In the last years she has been teaching 'Machine Translation', 'Translation Technology', 'Localisation Tools and Technology', 'Methods of Computational Linguistics', and supervising BA, MA, and PhD students on these topics.

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