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Overview on MT software/systems to help the entire range of potential MT users make well-informed decisions for investing in MT technologies.
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This overview session will help equip a range of MT users (freelancers, translation agencies, government translation bureaus, multinational corporations) with the necessary information for making a well-informed decision on if and how Machine Translation (MT) is a valid option for their specific contexts. It is presented by an industry expert who has developed, tested, deployed all existing types of MT systems and software in a variety of small, medium and large customer contexts, who is officially certified on several MT software systems, and who has trained many professional translation users on different MT software applications.

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July 05, 2010

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Jeff Allen does not have a bio.

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almost 10 years ago

Clear introduction, I personally expected some information on the price ranges when the different levels (inbound, basic outbound, advanced outbound) are described. Some more remarks on the learning/deployment time for the different systems would have been useful, of course as general guidelines. Finally, I was surprised that the QA session is cut, so that the (last?) answer is not complete. That is annoying.

catalina savu
almost 10 years ago

It is just what a beginner in MT needs to know.

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