Making More Money: Translate More, More Easily


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75 minutes

Learning Objectives

Learn how to:

  • Be more productive
  • Manage your workload in a healthy and balanced way
  • Schedule and enjoy downtime without reducing your productivity/income
  • Work less
  • Description

    This session is intended for freelance translators who want to: - Earn more while working less - Have more free time without paying for it - Be more motivated and focused
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    Join renowned Trainer and Speaker to discover personal productivity tips, tools and techniques that can help you improve your daily productivity, motivation levels and do more, without compromising your free time, health and personal relationships.

    Here is some feedback from others on these course's trainer:

    "He was extremely clear, knew what he had to say, knowledgeable, organised, took his time to address specific topics mentioned "
    Josephine Cassar

    "Konstantin is easy to listen to, does not patronise and brings clarity to his subject. His experience as a translator is evident and the example he sets, showing what is possible, is perhaps as important as the training he conveys so well."
    Mike (de Oliveira) Brady

    Upload Date

    July 10, 2014

    Trainer Bio

    Konstantin Kisin - Konstantin Kisin is a highly successful legal, financial and video games translator. Since joining in 2004, he has made full use of the website to propel his business to new heights and build long-term relationships with clients and colleagues. A regular contributor to on the business side of translation, Konstantin has extensive training in the psychology of communication and human behaviour. Sharing his attitude to doing business with his customary passion and enthusiasm, Konstantin's mission is to assist freelancers the world over in establishing professional relationships with clients, making more money, working less and having more fun.

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