Met Police Test Revision Advice. Part 1


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Learning Objectives

Students will receive sufficient study tips and guidance to start preparing for the MET Police Test in earnest. They will be provided with clear study guide and a lot of practical advice on how to prepare and revise for the test. We will go over each module of the MET test in detail.


This video is a good starting point for anybody who is planning to take the MET Police Test in the near future. I would advise any candidates for the test to allow themselves minimum 3 months of intensive study time before attempting the MET Test.
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  • Format of the Assessment
  • What happens during the assessment
  • Oral assessment step by step overview
  • Consecutive Interpreting role play practice phrases
  • Statement taking overview
  • Statement taking practice advice
  • Note taking
  • Simultaneous interpreting overview
  • Glossaries; why and how to build your own glossary

Upload Date

July 06, 2011

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