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Real-time communications
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The ability to establish real-time communication at the click of a button -- by text, voice and/or video -- is having a significant impact on business in general, and on the translation industry in particular. Meanwhile, translation companies are under pressure to complete translation projects more quickly. Given these factors, being able to make yourself readily available to a project manager in a time of need is a significant competitive differentiator.

Not every translator and interpreter will choose to make her/himself available for immediate contact from potential and existing clients and colleagues. But for those Plus subscribers who do, ProZ.com and ProZ.com Mobile will in the next few years become a much more dynamic experience.

ProZ.com has begun to integrate a unified communications platform, and to present configuration options, that will enable you to specify the methods of communication that prospective clients may use to reach you, and the time ranges during which those methods of communication will be appropriate. A new "click to call" feature can allow authorized users to phone you even if your phone number is not visible in your profile. And you can opt to let potential clients send you "high priority" profile messages for urgent job-related communication, and get an instant notification by SMS or mobile app in addition to the normal email. More real-time communication features are planned for the future, such as chat and video calling.

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November 25, 2016

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