Quality Assurance for Translators - increase business and translation quality


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Learning Objectives

Goals for this webinar:

- Know what quality is for your customer
- The different aspects of quality that a translator must consider
- How to increase your translation and business quality
- Learn about some tools for quality assurance in translation


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How to increase perceived and real quality of your work as a freelance translator This session will discuss how you can achieve quality in all four areas, and ensure quality before, during and after a translation project. Tools to facilitate quality assurance will also be introduced.

Upload Date

April 08, 2011

Trainer Bio

Tess Whitty - Tess Whitty has been a successful freelance translator and entrepreneur for over 10 years and owns the company Swedish Translation Services. Her educational and professional background is in marketing and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge with other freelancers in the form of presentations, training, mentoring and consulting. She is also the author of the book Marketing Cookbook for Translators, with easy to follow recipes for marketing your translation services and achieving a successful freelance lifestyle, and the award winning podcast Marketing Tips for Translators. For more information, and to connect, go to www.swedishtranslationservices.com or www.marketingtipsfortranslators.com.

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over 8 years ago

This course is good only for new translators. If you are a professional - you will find nothing interest.

over 8 years ago

Well structured content, helps you bringing order in some basic concepts even if you have been in business for a longer period.

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