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Secrets to Create Multiple Income Sources


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Learning Objectives

-challenges with traditional freelance translation business
-6 types of income modules you can add to your existing language based business
-how to create programs and products that people would buy?
-what are the resources available to create these programs and products?
- how do you market these products


Tired of the endless client pursuit? Need consistent income to support your family? Learn how to create predictable cashflow with existing resources so that you can have income even when you are not working. No more slow months. No more constant search for new clients.
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Are you tired of the feast or famine cycle of freelance business? Learn how to create multiple sources of income to your existing language business with resources already available to you. (hint: It's not about picking 3 jobs and working extra long hours.)

Upload Date

October 30, 2012

Trainer Bio

Joy Mo - Joy Mo is a freelance translator and certified Mandarin/English Court Interpreter based in BC Canada. Joy moved to Canada from her home country China in 2001 and established herself as a language professional in British Columbia.She runs a website www.translators-biz-secret.com that shares business tips and secrets with other language professionals. Through her own personal experiences, Joy understands the challenges and problems freelancers face. She publishes a free monthly ezine 'Translate Your Way to Success' to help freelancers attract higher-paying clients and create a steadier income flow. For more information visit www.translators-biz-secret.com.

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