Social Media 104: Find Professional Growth on Facebook (and Other Social Networks you May Not Know)


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Learning Objectives

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

- Clean your Facebook profile & Create a professional page
- Insert useful tools on this page
- Integrate other social medias in your activity
- Organize and animate your online business community
- Search out-of-the-box and Find business opportunities


Use all the potential of Facebook and consider other social networks to present your professional services, Reach your prospects, maintain relation with your customers, have your contacts promoting your services. Optimize your profile, create a page and animate a group to serve your professional growth objectives on the social networks.
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In a 1h video, you will put your Social Media on steroids using Facebook and Other Networks for your business Growth.

This session will give you the keys to use Facebook for a professional purpose. You will as well discover other Social Networks you may benefit from.
You will understand how to build and engage strong communities of customers, prospects or professional contacts to enhance your capacity to capture business and opportunities. At the end of this webinar you will know how to create and maintain a competitive advantage online to serve your long lasting Growth.

Upload Date

April 28, 2011

Trainer Bio

Soyculto / Sebastien Yanni - Since he founded Soyculto in Buenos Aires in 2006, Sebastien Yanni is helping Latin American Corporate firms, SMB and individuals to develop, implement and operate sustainable growth strategies for long-term success. Using Digital Marketing (SEO, Social Media Marketing), Business common sense & entrepreneurship methods, Sebastien proposes customized solutions oriented on optimized ROI to cope with Companies ambitions and situations. As an enthusiast entrepreneur, Sebastien has created various companies. He now assists startup teams & coaches project owners into their path to success. In all his ventures, Sebastien promotes efficiency, consistency, transparency and organization to customers/teams as he believes these are keys to find a long lasting growth in all business contexts. Trilingual, Sebastien speaks and uses daily French, English and Spanish.

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