Standing out: Crafting that killer freelance pitch


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Learning Objectives

In this webinar you will learn how to:

* Present yourself and your business more effectively
* Engage new prospects


In an hour, you will learn how to write a clear, creative and compellng "elevator pitch" to boost your marketing on meetings, conferences and in-person events
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So what do you do for a living / Tell me more about your job ... If you're into face-to-face marketing, or if you ever attended industry conferences, meetings with customers and other events, chances are you came across these common questions a number of times. This webinar will help you sketch your famous "elevator pitch" so that it would be clear, creative and compelling. There is much more to say about you and your business beyond "I am a translator" - learn how to express your value effectively to boost your business and hook new prospects.

Upload Date

March 01, 2013

Trainer Bio

Alessandra Martelli - Alessandra Martelli is a freelance translator and copywriter working in the industry since 2002. Alessandra specializes in translation and copywriting projects in the fields of Marketing & Advertising, Market research and Tourism, and she is the “Italian voice” of some of the most important brands operating in the fields of luxury, tourism & hospitality, B2B services worldwide. Conference speaker and professional trainer, Alessandra provides hands-on actionable training to freelance translators willing to improve their skills both as professionals and as business owners. Website: Twitter: @mtmtranslations

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almost 7 years ago

Really happy to have followed this webinar because it helped boosting my confidence in introducing myself face to face.

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