Strategies and Resources to Improve Your Arabic to English Translations


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This webinar will use Arabic texts from various disciplines to present various strategies and resources that participants can use to improve their Arabic to English translations. Linguistic issues specific to Arabic and English, such as the use of the future vs. present tense, will be discussed, and translation suggestions will be presented. The concept of cultural transposition will also be discussed with solutions on how to handle instances of cultural references in Arabic texts. Diglossia will be discussed as it relates to translation, and a strategy will be presented to address diglossic elements participants may encounter. Other translation issues will be presented, including translation loss, the importance of the target text/audience and how to ensure your translation has maximum impact. In addition, the presenter will also discuss translation resources specific to the Arabic --> English language combination.

Here is some feedback from others on this course's trainer:

"The presentation was extremely clear. One can tell that Carmen Cross is passionate about her job. She gave us a great introduction on Clinical Trials and on related translation challenges. Many thanks!" IRISTRADUCTION

"Very interesting course, clear and well organized. It helps a lot for those who want to establish themselves as a medical translator, like me." Celine Belle

"I was happily amazed with the presentation of statistics." eleferosi

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September 03, 2013

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Carmen Cross - Carmen Cross has been a professional medical translator of German and Arabic medical documents since 2005. She holds a Bachelor's and two Master's in Arabic language and linguistics, as well as an Arabic-English translation certificate from New York University. In addition to medicine and biotechnology, she is also interested in foreign language acquisition and linguistics. Like her page on Facebook.

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