Technical Aspects of Subtitling


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Break into movie translation! Learn the basic technical aspects, techniques, and software and standard formats used.
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• Short presentation of subtitling, its history, development and future.
• How does a movie translator work
• Technical basics of subtitling.
• Principles for editing text.
• Timing.
• Lines and breaks.
• Choices in fonts and formats.
• Differences between amateur and professional subtitling.
• Standard file formats.
• Introduction to the constraints of concision.
• Main tools for concise writing.

Upload Date

July 12, 2010

Trainer Bio

Paul Memmi - Paul Memmi has a passion for signs, signs we send to each other, and that some make into great works of art or great thoughts. This passion led him to become a translator - a messenger as well as an interpreter - and to teach his profession at university. It has also made him write for cinema and create fine art works. His collages illustrate his website. If the subtitled image aims to be perceived as a ready-made expression, one can also be fascinated by its aesthetic as a collage, that is, according to Eisenstein, cinema itself.

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Dachiny Ewekengha
over 1 year ago

Really interesting webinar

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