Translator's Back-Office: Create Invoices & Dashboard All in 1 File


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95 minutes

Learning Objectives

In this webinar you will learn:
  • The importance of streamlining your back-office
  • Invoicing system fundamentals
  • How to create or adapt predesigned Excel invoice templates
  • Automatic calculation functions in Excel
  • The importance of a dashboard
  • How to automate your dashboard to your invoices


Create your own back-office tools for free - Minimize your non-billable hours by using Excel. Easily create invoices, keep track of their payments, and monitor your yearly activity.
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In one hour, I will show you how to create an invoice model and dashboard in an All-In-One file that will keep you organized and give you a quick overview of how you’re doing each year. We will look at how to use basic Excel functions and give you some ideas on how to adapt the system to your own needs.

In this webinar, we’ll be looking at a recurring task that can take up time you’d rather be spending translating, preparing invoices and checking up on those that have been paid or not. My main goal is to show you one possible invoicing system that you can either adopt entirely or that you can use to inspire you to something better adapted to your activity.

Upload Date

May 14, 2013

Trainer Bio

N.M. Eklund - N.M. Eklund is a technical translator and copywriter specialized in corporate and cultural communications. With over 10 years of experience, first as a free-lancer and then as founder of Echo River communications, she has earned a name working with international banking institutions, global audit firms, and French cultural institutions. Over the years she has sought to educate the business world about the translation profession, fighting to correct common misconceptions and improve the industry's understanding of linguistic services. Her other objective is to coach translators, helping them understand the business side of their profession, and in the end helping them do better business. N.M. Eklund est une traductrice technique et rédactrice spécialisée en communication interculturelle et le monde d’affaires. Avec plus de 10 années d'expérience, d'abord comme une indépendante, puis comme fondateur de Echo River Communications, elle est connu pour son travail dans le milieu bancaire, des grands cabinets d'audit et des institutions culturelles françaises. Elle travaille aussi à sensibiliser le monde des affaires sur le métier de traducteur, en vue d’adresser les idées reçues pour mieux apprécier le rôle des services linguistiques. Son autre objectif est de coacher les traducteurs sur les aspects professionnels de la traduction afin de développer le flair des affaires.

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