101 - Legal Terminology: Patent Terminology


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Learning Objectives

This 5-part course is taught by a Canadian lawyer-linguist as the first step in understanding English legal terminology. It is designed for freelancers who are beginning to work in the legal translation. At the end of this course attendees will have increased knowledge with regard to English language legal structures and specific terminology found in various legal documents. This course is approved for one (1) American Translators Association Continuing Education point.


Are you interested in working in the legal translation specialty area? Does your language pair(s) include English? If so, learn the meaning of English language legal terminology in order to better understand legal documents.
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Please note: This course is for new legal translators who are interested in learning about new areas of legal translation. This is not a course for intermediate and/or advanced translators.

Upload Date

March 04, 2011

Trainer Bio

Suzanne Deliscar - Suzanne Deliscar is both a lawyer and a Spanish and French to English translator. A graduate of McMaster University with a Combined Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Latin American Studies, and a minor in Science, Technology and Public Policy in 2000, Ms. Deliscar went on to obtain a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Windsor Faculty of Law in 2003. Ms. Deliscar was called to the Bar of the Province of Ontario in 2004 and has been actively practicing law on a full-time basis since that time. As a lawyer-linguist, Suzanne focuses on official document and legal translation, and also trains fellow language professionals in the areas of marketing and legal translation.

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Jose Marino
about 2 years ago

What is the relationship of this 100% theoretical training with translation? No value at all. Should I need to go deeper into a term, the web is full of monolingual definitions. No practical advice on how to translate this kind of texts.

Josephine Cassar
over 3 years ago

Suzanne is very good as always-sound remains a bit low though, that SKYPE interfering. Basic course-an overview with basic terms, very good as introduction-gave us a lot we can work on

User Avatar
over 5 years ago

A nice introductory course.

over 8 years ago

The terms provided were helpful, but the links were even more. The terms were perfect for an overview. The links saved me time in terms of finding official and reliable sources both for original and parallel texts in a variety of languages. As many, I wondered what certifications (even of governmental agencies) and courses one could take not just as a continuing education but also as career progress and ranking. There are many countries and many options, and I think including few examples would be great, like: Canada, the States, Europe,... As it seems a recurrent question, it could be worth even dedicating a webinar to the main reliable legal translation certifications and to the main governmental and international agencies where interpreters and translators could find employment at. I haven't watched all of Ms. Deliscar's on demand courses, so I am not sure whether the topic has already been covered or not. I would definitely recommend Ms. Deliscar's courses for the contents and material.

Alejandro Alcaraz Sintes
over 8 years ago

Too basic. I had expected more terminology, more terminological issues and some comments or explanations from a translation perspective.

Amy Lesiewicz
over 8 years ago

I'm more interested in patent language, how patent applications are written, how claims are written, how inventions are described--and less interested in patent attorneys and agents, how the application process works, etc., especially since that is different in every country.

over 8 years ago

Much talk, very little useful information...

User Avatar
about 9 years ago

when will I receive the power point presentation and e-books mentioned by the trainer for this course?

about 9 years ago

Excellent introduction to the topic. Very clear and informative.

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