Crowdsourcing - Threat to Profession?


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Translators have to address many threats to their profession. Machine translation, Google Translator are examples. Is crowdsourcing a new menace? Let's analyze this phenomenon and try to find an answer.
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Crowdsourcing is a growing trend in the business world, and as such it is sweeping through the translation industry as well. It has become widely accepted as a mass collaboration approach to tasks that would traditionally be undertaken by individuals. What does this mean for us as linguists? Is this trend to be considered a threat to our profession? Or maybe, if we are smart enough, we can find some opportunity in it?

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February 22, 2013

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Stefano Gubian - Stefano Gubian is a freelance translator with a degree in philosophy. He has been working in the translation industry since 1993, specializing in the IT and technical fields. He also translated some financial and marketing books for important international publishers. As a professional trainer, he worked as a teacher of Communication techniques for SIP (national telecommunication company, now Telecom Italia) and as a teacher of Italian for Americans relocating to Italy. As a conference speaker he presented sessions at the 1st Europe International Conference - Rome 2011, and at the 2012 International Conference – Barcelona 2012. Now he offers training on some interesting trends in the language industry, trying to give up to date information.

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