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Learning Objectives

In this course you will:
  • Learn about what affects pricing and how you may be under-pricing
  • Learn how to really understand what you are earning while you are “at work”
  • Get a new perspective on your translation practices in terms of profitability
  • Discover a way to develop a sustainable pricing structure
  • Get pointers on avoiding under-pricing jobs


Apply method to your pricing to achieve your income goals in fewer hours. Ensure your prices are sustainable. Get a new perspective on your translation practices and discover where you are making and losing money.
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Take a practical look at translation pricing. Make sure you charge fair prices that will allow you to achieve a sustainable income. Get new perspective on your working practices and how they affect your earnings. Take some time to think about your approach to pricing jobs. Ensure you are quoting competitively, while making certain that you will be able to afford to keep freelancing in the long-term.

This webinar opens by discussing industry pricing and looking at why freelancers sometimes end up under-pricing or accepting prices that are too low. We will look at how freelancers can establish their hourly rate, before moving on to focus on how profitable your own translation practices are.

Attendees will be encouraged to question how they approach pricing and discover methods to learn more about their own translation and working practices, with a view to being more profitable. We will see how this information can be applied to quoting for jobs, to enable you to ensure you get a fair price. The session closes with a summary of pointers to bear in mind when pricing translation jobs.

This webinar takes a global perspective on pricing and does not look at specific prices for any language combinations or markets.

Upload Date

March 26, 2014

Trainer Bio

Gwenydd Jones - Gwenydd Jones is a freelance Spanish-to-English translator and translator trainer. She has two MAs, the first in Translation Studies and the second in Legal Translation, and the DipTrans (CIOL). With 10 years’ experience, Gwenydd specialises in business, legal and marketing translation, copyediting and proofreading. You can read her blog and discover her courses for translators at

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Maria Eugenia Perez
almost 5 years ago

What an excellent explanation on this important matter!

Nina Clancy
about 5 years ago

A very relevant and high quality presentation.

Bertrand Besancon
almost 6 years ago

Gwennyd is a professional trainer and it shows in the way this course is organized and presented.

almost 7 years ago

Awesome trainer! The course was concise, well constructed and beautifully performed. Thank you for useful tips, food for thought and practical implementation of the material.

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