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Is it possible to save time and make more money by creating and using glossaries? This course will make a case that yes, it is possible.
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What is it about?

It is about using glossaries to:
- make your work as a translator more efficient, saving time and making more money
- improve the quality of your translations and get more customers and better pay because of that.

What will I get out of it?
1. Reasons why you should use glossaries in your daily translations
2. Practical tips on what kind of terms you should have in your glossary


1. Why create glossaries?
2. What to have in a glossary? Types of terms that you should add
3. How glossaries save time and money? Using CAT tools
4. What to have in a glossary? Twenty categories of terms that you should add

Upload Date

May 29, 2010

Trainer Bio

Silvio Picinini - Silvio has been an experienced freelance translator for 17 years, and like all of us, has been looking for more efficient ways to translate. Besides being a freelancer, Silvio has worked as an in-house translator for Oracle, in the United States, for 5 years. Silvio has also experience working for Lionbridge Technologies, a very large language service provider, in positions related to terminology and quality. Silvio lives in Colorado, USA, with his wife and son. He has three dogs: Lex, Niko and Chewbacca, and likes puns.

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