How to Become an Efficient Proofreader


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Learning Objectives

In this one-hour webinar, you will learn an efficient working method to improve the quality of your work and to manage proofreading time and costs - through very simple and practical steps. You will learn an effective approach to revise documents translated by yourself or by other professionals.


With this webinar, you will understand the difference among various levels of quality assurance: proof-reading, full or partial editing, editing in your mothertongue or in a foreign language, or post-editing. You will learn proofreading tips and tricks. In more than 20 years, I have developed an efficient method to maximise working time, avoid the most common proofreading mistakes and improve quality of documents translated by myself and by other professionals.
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It is easy to deceive the human eye. It is just as easy to revise another professional’s translation adding preferential changes in your own image. How can you train the eye (and brain) to find errors and provide a translation in line with the customer’s requests? I have developed a structured method, an effective checklist. An efficient use of time and costs is crucial to stand out in a very competitive market, where translators must offer high quality work and diversify services.

Course program:
  • Different types of revision: full or partial editing, content editing, copy-editing, proof-reading, post-editing
  • The editor's skills (language, specialisation, and approach)
  • Does the translation destination impact on the proofreader's job? Translation, transcreation, re
  • translation.
  • The effective checklist: completeness, correctness, style, interpretation,...
  • Time management
  • Editing methods: sample, detail, visual, text-to-speech tools
  • Revising your own translations or other professionals' work (in your mother tongue or in a foreign language)
  • Tips & tricks: because it is easy to deceive the human eye
  • The winning approach: change only if it's wrong, give a feedback

Upload Date

May 06, 2016

Trainer Bio

Francesca Airaghi - Francesca Airaghi is an English-Italian financial translator. In 1992, she graduated and started working as in-house translator, proofreader and Translation Manager at two Milan-based companies specialising in finance, corporate law and journalism. As responsible for quality control and internal staff, she selected, coordinated and trained in-house and free-lance translators through mentoring and courses. Since 2004 she has been a free-lance translator and works directly with financial companies, asset management companies, investment funds, banks, financial communication companies, law firms and international corporations for specialised translations. She is also a trainer in financial translation courses and webinars. Speaker at the 2014 International Translators’ conference in Rotterdam. Website: Blog: Twitter: @FranAiraghi Facebook: Financial Translation Hub

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Marija Jankovic
11 months ago

Interesting presentation. I cannot agree more with Francesca and her advice to change only if it is wrong and necessary, to respect the work of other translators and to give constructive feedback whenever possible.The role of proofreader is not to spot and correct the mistakes but also to explain.

Carlos Teran
over 2 years ago

Great presentation! Very helpful!

Domini Lucas
about 3 years ago

Watched this video and found it helpful and informative, especially the 'structured approach'. Thank you. Would have been useful to have a transcript especially for the tips. I spent much of the time I was listening having to pause to type notes.

Sonia Verjovsky
over 4 years ago

The course is practical and well-structured. I found it very useful.

about 6 years ago

The .pdf file with the links to the 'Top secrets of effective proofreading' was not provided. This seems to be the most important information to the course because the presentation itself was not useful at all.

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