How to use social media effectively only 15 minutes a day to attract more clients


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During this 60 mn you will learn : Why you can't grow your business today without social media; How to be effective to attract new prospects and clients without selling; How to go from conversation to conversion; How to put your business on auto-pilot to work smarter and not harder; and much more....
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December 24, 2013

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BibaPedron - Biba Pedron, business coach and consultant, also known as The Connection Queen helps entrepreneurs to grow their business teaching simple but effective marketing strategies that really work. So they can attract more clients on and offline while building a 6-figure business. All while following their passion and doing what they love best. Over the years, she not only helped numbers of people to master the art of networking, but she also connected hundreds of solo-entrepreneurs and small business owners, who found, new clients, suppliers or vendors, thanks to her network. You can learn more and download her free ebook at

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