I02-Interpreting: Consecutive, Level 1


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Learning Objectives

Interpreting Bundle 2 of 4
At the completion of this workshop, you will clearly understand the training and competencies required to work as a consecutive interpreter, including the core processes of critical thinking, decision-making, and the ability to assess cultural interactions. You will have learned the work you must undertake to follow the most important standards of practice, and to acquire vocabulary and context, improve memory and note taking, ensure quality, accuracy, thoroughness, equivalency and correct usage; and how to deliver your message with adequate enunciation, speed , efficiency and effectiveness.


Do you want to work as an interpreter in the community, or in business, or the healthcare industry? Do you think you can work as an interpreter for the military or the courts? Did you know that interpreting is growing at a rate of 22% per year, more than most other professions? This is your first step to your professional development!
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Learn the underpinnings of Consecutive Interpreting, the most popular form of interpreting. The interpreter listens to several sentences delivered by a speaker in the source language, taking notes to ensure accuracy and completeness in the capture of the message; the speaker then stops talking to allow the interpreter to deliver the verbal interpretation of the message; during such pause, the interpreter conveys the information out loud and clearly, in the target language; the speaker and any other parties involved listen in silence to the interpreter; once the interpreter stops, the same speaker or a different one will start speaking again while the interpreter listens. The cycle is repeated until the conversation ends.

During this workshop you will learn the basic roles of the consecutive interpreter as a conduit, a clarifier, a culture broker and an advocate. You will understand the importance of ethics, cultural competence, confidentiality, accuracy, completeness, impartiality, professional courtesy, and impediments to performance. You will learn about standards of practice, legislation and regulations (or the lack thereof), certification and training available.

Stress will be given to the need for highly developed note-taking skills. Information will be shared about exercises to improve memory and how to analyze ideas to understand content. Practice exercises will be provided to learn how to listen for meaning and how to prepare for interpreting assignments, including guides to acquire linguistic knowledge and technical terminology in the primary and secondary working languages, in different specialties and industries.

Upload Date

December 22, 2011

Trainer Bio

Claudia Brauer - Claudia became a trainer of translators and interpreters in 2011, after 35 years of experience as a translator and interpreter. She is also a speaker, writer and blogger on topics related to the current state of the translation and interpreting industry. She has designed and delivered more than 200 hours of proprietary content and uses her wikis to freely disseminated some 25 copyrighted tools designed to help translators and interpreters in the 21st century virtual village. The vision of BrauerTraining is to educate translators and interpreters, so they may become great quality professionals with a high code of ethics, embracing technology to remain competitive in today's world. Claudia can be found on the web at http://brauertraining.com and on Twitter as @Brauer21Century.

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