Organisation for Translators - Tips & Tricks


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Learning Objectives

- Learn how to organise your e-mails
- Learn how to organise your paper and digital documents
- Learn how to organise your daily routine and discover the "Pomodoro Technique"
- Learn how to handle a translation project in an organised way
- Learn how to create a weekly plan
- Learn how to be organised even for the unexpected events and for the emergency situation: create an "emergency kit"


Learn how to organise any aspect of your business to work in an effective and productive way. Be in control of everything and juggle all your tasks mindfully and calmly!
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This short* video is packed with ideas for organising your business and your daily routine in effective and productive way. From e-mails to contact groups, from the documents on your desk to your weekly plan, everything will be analysed... and organised. Being organised means to manage different types of activity, types of customer and types of file mindfully and calmly. Being in control of any aspect of your business will empower you, making your work day more productive.

* The lesson lasts exactly like a "pomodoro interval" to fit even the tightest schedule. Don't know what I'm talking about? Well, look no further! :)

Upload Date

April 03, 2015

Trainer Bio

Chiara Foppa Pedretti - Chiara Foppa Pedretti is an Italian freelance translator. She has earned a Master's Degree in Languages and Cultures for International Communication at the University of Milan and has completed her professional development by working for two years in the logistic department of a multinational company. She now specialises in audiovisual, legal and technical translations from English, German and French to Italian and has many customers all over the world. She has also written a few articles about quality in translation, published here on the website. Finally, she is a volunteer librarian in her local community.

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Mariana Passos
over 3 years ago

Chiara, thank you for the tips.
Even being an experienced translator, your tips will help me organize the part I dread the most: the business.

Katherine Hornsby
over 5 years ago

There were some good tips about how to organise files, invoices and work schedules which were useful. It is always good to see what other translators are doing and Chiara lets you see her working methods so you can compare them to your own.

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