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Learning Objectives

Learn how to:

1) Visualize before searching
2) Verify information quality
3) Leverage what you already know
4) Use familiar tools in unfamiliar ways
And much more!


You don't have to be a tech-savvy wizard to get more, better information from your internet searches. Learn to drill down to what you need online with focused mental strategies.
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Feel like you could be getting more from your internet searches? Spend an hour with me and I'll share my best strategies for digging up what you need online. I like to focus on mental habits instead of technical stuff like boolean operators, although I do discuss a couple of technical tricks that are really useful for translators. We will spend most of our hour together looking at how to structure your inquiries and think like an online detective. I know what it feels like to hit the wall in an online search, and in my 15 years as a translator I've developed some helpful skills and attitudes for breaking through that wall. Searching can actually be the most fun part of your work day!

Upload Date

October 31, 2014

Trainer Bio

Elizabeth Adams - Elizabeth Adams is a generalist translator with a love for doing research and finding things out. Over the past 15 years, Elizabeth has honed her Internet search skills and picked up some really nifty tricks that make translating unfamiliar terms a much more rewarding experience.

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