Practical Tools to Prepare For Negotiation


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Learning Objectives

Students will learn how to use a series of simple tools to help them improve the outcomes of their negotiation. They will learn how to use negotiation situations to build their professional image and to collect important information about the market and their clients.


Prepare for negotiation using simple processes and tools. Succeed in negotiating with clients, while implementing strategies to grow your business and to improve your professional image.
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This course guides students through a process of preparing for negotiation by using a series of simple tools. It demonstrates that negotiation is essential to business growth, and that with a little preparation we can all improve our performance as negotiators. It also shows that negotiation is not a synonym of conflict and that, as freelancers, we should not be intimidated when dealing with clients. On the contrary, it shows that negotiation is actually an opportunity to acquire important information, improve our professional image and build stronger relationships with our clients.

Upload Date

December 18, 2012

Trainer Bio

Ioana Radoi - Ioana RADOI is a language and communication specialist. Holding Masters degrees in both international business (ESCP Europe, in Paris) and translation (ESIT, in Paris), she has worked in advertising in France and Argentina, gaining experience in international project management and communication. Before founding Cultures Connection, she was a freelance translator specializing in business, marketing and international organizations.

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