Quality Explained: how to have better and more satisfied customers


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Learning Objectives

This webinar will provide new ideas on how to approach your work and your relationship with clients.


Do you want to step to the next level in your translation career? Delighted clients mean better income for you. Learn how simple management principles can help.
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Delivering high quality services is a prerequisite for having satisfied clients. This one hour video will present the quality principles applied to translation services.

- What delivered quality, perceived quality and desired quality are?
- How to focus on clients?
- How to meet stated requirements?
- Why to exceed expectations?
- How to continuously improve the translation process?
- Examples of quality principles applied to translation.

Upload Date

October 17, 2014

Trainer Bio

Paula Dana Szabados - Dana Szabados has been a freelance translator since 1996, she mainly translates technical documents. She holds a Bachelor’s degrer and a Master’s in mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Timişoara, as well as an English into Romanian translator’s certificate in the technical field from the Romanian Ministry of Culture. Dana is also trained as a manager and auditor for quality and environmental management systems and as an expert in legislation harmonization. She acts as a terminologist, translator, proofreader, quality assurance specialist, lead translator and she is a passionate CAT software user. Dana Szabados este traducător independent din anul 1996, ea traduce în principal documente tehnice. Este inginer mecanic şi are o diplomă de master în acelaşi domeniu, obţinute la Universitatea Tehnică din Timişoara. Ea are şi un certificat de traducător în domeniul tehnic de la Ministerul Culturii, precum şi certificate de manager şi auditor pentru sisteme de management al calităţii şi al mediului, dar şi de expert în armonizarea legislaţiei. Dana lucrează ca terminolog, traducător, verificator, specialist în asigurarea calităţii, şef al echipei de traducători şi utilizează cu pasiune software-uri de traducere asistată.

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Fiona Robb
over 6 years ago

Very poor audio, difficult, sometimes impossible to understand. Content could also be pitched at a higher level.

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