Risk Management in the Online Translation Industry


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Learning Objectives

Attendees will:
Learn to identify, assess and prioritise risks on the translation market place;
Learn how to mitigate the risks of selling to unknown clients
See how certain tactics can be used to recover 'bad debts?


Translators take risks every time they start work for a new client. Some of us take that risk on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Risk is inherent in all businesses and the translation industry is not different, except that we often get job opportunities 'out of the blue' with very short turn around times and almost no chance of doing a proper background investigation into who is asking for our services; a highly trustworthy company or a 'fly-by-night' conman.
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This 60-minute presentation will draw your attention to managing risk when you work for yourself, with a few others and for customers too far away to actually go and knock on their door.

How can freelance translators and small to medium sized translation company keep their risks under control?

What risks do translators and companies face in an ever more global working environment?

What are the potential consequences of not paying sufficient attention to risk management?

Upload Date

June 13, 2013

Trainer Bio

Douglas Bissell - Douglas Bissell is a teacher/translator/business manager, who has lived in Portugal since 1984. He began teaching English as a foreign language and worked in several private language schools before being invited to open the English department in a private college focusing on the transport industry. After almost 20 years as a teacher and technical translator, and just as the financial and economic crisis was beginning to take hold in Portugal, he decided to open his own translation company. Forming, managing and ensuring the company’s survival has required considerable risk management skills, as the global environment and domestic pressures are sending many firms, not only translation companies, out of business. Douglas has been active on ProZ.com since first joining in late 2009 and he became a member a year later. He is usually in the top-ten point leaders in his language pair (Pt-Eng) for both the last three months and last 12 months. Thanks to ProZ.com, his company, 2L1.eu, now has customers from all round the world, enabling him to diversify his customer base and mitigate his underlying geographical risk profile, skills he is happy to share with anyone else who is thinking of branching out or going their own way.

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