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Learn how to stand out in the translation jungle by adding custom tabs to your ProZ.com profile.
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Your ProZ.com profile is your business card to the world. It forms part of your online presence that provides in-depth details on your language services, and is a space you can use to distinguish yourself as a professional. But out of over 800,000 profiles on ProZ.com, how do you set yourself apart from the rest?
In this video, ProZ.com professional trainer Fi2 n Co describes one way in which you can leverage the features available in your ProZ.com profile to stand out in the translation jungle, so to speak: by adding extra tabs to further customize your profile and provide more information about your background, experience, field of expertise, credentials, or professional services.

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December 13, 2016

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Fi2 n Co / Philippe Locquet - Fi2 n Co are professional linguists and trainers. Fi2 n Co train professionals, linguists-to-be/students in interpretation and translation. By the careful choice of material and pedagogical methods they help students and professionals to hone their skills and display professionalism.

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