Subtitles: Principles And Techniques


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Learning Objectives

This course is the first step in understanding what is subtitling and how the audio-visual industry works. It has been designed for beginners and freelancers with an interest in audio-visual translation who want to know more about the tools, techniques and standards of subtitling. At the end of the course, students will be able to identify techniques, strategies and aspects related to subtitling in order to specialise in this area and boost their career.


Learn more about audio-visual translation techniques, principles and how to specialise in this area. An overview of this specialisation, translation techniques, requirements and tools with examples and resources.
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In one hour, learn more about subtitling, audio-visual translation techniques and principles and how to specialise in this area. Contents will include:
  • what is audio-visual translation
  • what is subtitling
  • subtitling software and other useful tools
  • translation techniques, translation-related issues and cultural aspects
  • subtitling standards and issues
  • timing and spotting
  • working in the subtitling industry

Upload Date

May 12, 2016

Trainer Bio

Sara Colombo - Sara is a qualified En-Fr-Sp>Italian translator with 6 years of experience within the marketing, business and CE/medical devices fields backed by relevant working experience in the marketing industry. She is also the author of the book ‘Balance Your Words. Stepping in the translation Industry’ and a blogger at A marketer by heart, Sara loves to use social media to connect with peers but also to find new markets and niches. To get in touch with her connect through Twitter (@sc_translations), LinkedIn (Sara Colombo), Facebook (Sara Colombo Translations) or visit her blog!

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Barbara Faltas
10 months ago

Very useful, thanks Sara!

Aldo Rodríguez
11 months ago

Excellent information, It really helps a lot!

R Arta
12 months ago

How come I don't have access to it? What's a plus subscriber? Does it mean I have to pay?

Brisa Pedroza
12 months ago

Relevant and well explained. Thank you!

Saro Nova
12 months ago

Great orientation. Thanks.

Melisa Espeche
about 1 year ago

I must say really good presentation and inetresting topic to take into account when deciding working as a subtitler! Thanks a lot for your recommendations and tips !

Muhammad Mousa
about 1 year ago

Thank you for this valuable informative webinar!

Alessandra Boi
over 1 year ago

Very informative, thanks Sara

Livia Rosas
almost 2 years ago

A good way to start learning about subtitling!

Robson Richers
about 5 years ago

An good overview for beginners! Really based on principles ans techniques.

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