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Learning Objectives

Learn how to:

- Find more clients
- Secure good rates
- Take full advantage of ProZ.com
- Make use of misunderstood aspects of the website for your benefit


Want to find clients and work through ProZ.com? Join us to find out simple, easy and free things you can do to: - Design a killer profile on ProZ.com - Use little-known and misunderstood aspects of the website to your advantage - Make clients come to you instead of chasing them - Secure high rates from jobs you find on ProZ.com - Make full use of the website to facilitate your own development and success
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Learn how to take advantage of ProZ.com to build a profitable and sustainable freelance business with renowned ProZ.com Trainer and highly successful freelancer, Konstantin Kisin.

Upload Date

March 17, 2015

Trainer Bio

Konstantin Kisin - Konstantin Kisin is a highly successful legal, financial and video games translator. Since joining Proz.com in 2004, he has made full use of the website to propel his business to new heights and build long-term relationships with clients and colleagues. A regular contributor to Proz.com on the business side of translation, Konstantin has extensive training in the psychology of communication and human behaviour. Sharing his attitude to doing business with his customary passion and enthusiasm, Konstantin's mission is to assist freelancers the world over in establishing professional relationships with clients, making more money, working less and having more fun.

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about 6 years ago

This was my first webinar and I found the tips for improving my directory ranking and profile very useful.

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