The Rules of procedure of the EU Judiciary.


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Learning Objectives

To give the participants the tools to find their way in the European judicial system and localize where to look when they need information on forensic procedures in the EU.


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The EU-Courts in Luxembourg play a vital and critical role in European judicial life. Take a look here: Like all other courts, they have a set of rules and regulations they work after. First and foremost the Treaties, but also detailed rules set out in "Rules of Procedure". Not only these acts contain rules about the procedures to be followed in the different types of cases, but also, very importantly for translations, rules of the use of languages. Furthermore, the rules and thus the terminology is at hand in all the EU languages. Though the terminology of these rules is "autonomous", i.e. it only derives its meaning from the EU-system and only can be used directly in that system, they contain a fountain of information and knowledge to be picked up by all those who are involved in forensic translation (and interpreting for that matter). The course will focus on the basic rules and notions in the European Treaties and The Rules of Procedure of the Courts and go through the main types of cases detailing the use of terminology at each stage.

Upload Date

January 22, 2014

Trainer Bio

TraduLex / Jørgen A. Andersen - Lawyer-Linguist; many years of experience within the Court of Justice of the European Union and as a free-lance translator. As a lawyer, extensive experience in all common fields of law.

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