Translation in Travel & Tourism: Is It Really That Simple?


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Learning Objectives

This course will provide you with background information, such as information about contracting, legal issues in tourism, handling of information in daily tourism operations that may help you in understanding how this information is used and what problems may arise in case of wrong interpretation.

You will learn how to:
• Breakdown of the material into sections: Descriptions, SEO, software content, terms and conditions, etc.
• Breakdown of the material into tasks: Translation, SEO, Proofreading, Quality Assurance, software code, etc.
• Localize cultural information: identify problems and adopt viable solutions
• Where to find industry jargon for aviation, hotel descriptions, names and descriptions for locations, etc.
• Pay attention to issues in terminology: what are the common mistakes and how to avoid them


Having almost twenty years in tourism I have noticed a lot of mistakes in material, such as hotel brochures or excursion leaflets, even in Tour Operator catalogues, that resulted in some occasions in massive refunds to clients. What are the points we need to pay attention to in order to avoid these cost-effective mistakes? What does tourism-related translation involve anyway? What qualifications are required and where can you get them. Where to find references for travel related content.
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All of us do travel. Some of us do travel rather often – others don’t but would like to. Does travelling mean that we automatically qualify as a translator for Travel & Tourism? No, definitely not, but it might help. What does this linguistic work involve, what are the things we need to take into consideration while translating this type of content. What could go wrong and what would the consequences of any mistake be?

Whom would you ask such questions? Right, a travel agent! Here we are: a former travel agent, now a translator, will be at your disposal to answer any questions that you wish to ask on tourism, aviation, travel and hotels.

Training program:

• What do tourism texts include? – Textual analysis/Task analysis
• Tourism sectors (Aviation, Hotels, Cruises, etc.) and their special requirements
• Genres available in touristic content, such as marketing, legal, descriptive content, names, etc.
• Linguistic workflow – where to start and how to proceed
• Localization of cultural items - sources of trustworthy information
• Industry Jargon - where to find information and how to use it
• Common mistakes and how to avoid them

At the end of the presentation there will be plenty of time for questions on any topic in tourism since this is a great opportunity to receive tips from first hand. You may also post questions on the forum provided below the course description in order to have them discussed in the Q&A part of the webinar.

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Upload Date

June 17, 2015

Trainer Bio

Irene Koukia - Irene Koukia is a freelance Translator, Trainer and Business Coach. She used to be an International Travel Consultant since 1989, working for many international companies as a Branch Manager. She also used to be a German teacher in her free time. Irene has also taught for two semesters at IEK Naxos in the Hotel F&B Department, providing students with theoretical and practical skills in Tourism. In September 2008 she changed her career to follow the job she always wanted: Translation. Since Irene had no other relation to Translation, she managed to grow her business successfully on her own, using and implementing managerial and marketing skills obtained during her former occupation. She obtained her certificate in Translation in 2010 and became a certified Business Coach in 2015. She is currently studying Business Administration at the Hellenic Open University. After a lot of study and efforts, she is making a living as a Freelance Translator, working with a large number of clients and linguists all over the world, as well as a Tutor at Metafrasi School of Translation.

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Jadwiga Ruchlewska MA MITI MCIL
almost 6 years ago

Nice, competent introduction to the field with some useful tips and advice and materials.

User Avatar
about 6 years ago

Overall, the course provided useful information and resources about this sector. It would have been nice though to have some more insights into the linguistic challenges and more information on how to specialise and find work in the field. However, the trainer offered to give more advice after the session in case of further questions. I found the course to be more suitable for a beginner translator.

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