Use international payment methods to your advantage, pay less fees, and keep more money in YOUR pocket!


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Learning Objectives

• Attendees will learn the pros and cons of at least 7 (legitimate) payment methods.
• Attendees will receive information that will help them assess which payment methods are most beneficial for their particular situation.
• Attendees will walk away with ideas about how to minimize the “cost of business” where sending or receiving payments is concerned.


This webinar is for both agencies and freelancers! Learn how you can manage your payments on either end of the transaction so that you keep the most amount of money in your own pocket, rather than losing money to fees and other hidden costs.
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There are many options available to translators and agencies by which we can receive or make payments for services. This webinar addresses using payment methods to your advantage to keep the most amount of money in your pocket, rather than losing it to fees or exchange rates. We will cover the pros and cons of payment by check, direct deposit, wire transfer, credit card, prepaid bank card, PayPal/Moneybookers, as well as companies like Travelex and AMEX that facilitate currency exchange for those of us with international clients or vendors, as well as other related payment issues.

Upload Date

February 22, 2011

Trainer Bio

Eve Lindemuth Bodeux - Eve Lindemuth Bodeux has been active in the translation and localization industries for over 15 years. She has broad of experience within these industries including vendor management, project management and translation, as well as building and directing international project teams. She has successfully managed projects for a variety of clients worldwide and has experience in preparing products for markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas. She integrates insider knowledge of the localization process with language-specific, technical and cultural considerations for successful project completion. Eve has graduate degrees from both a US university and a French university and is a dual French-American national. She is actively involved in professional associations that serve international and language-related industries and is a voting member of the American Translators Association and Vice President of the Colorado Translators Association. She has given numerous presentations about translation and localization to professional associations and university programs throughout the US and Europe. She has published many articles on the same topics. She lives in the Denver, CO USA area.

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Alexis Songe Dinanga
over 3 years ago

Thanks a lot Eve B. for a very helpful and resourceful presentation really enjoyed it.

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