101 - Let's Use SDL Trados 2011 - Beginners' Workshop


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97 minutes

Learning Objectives

You will learn the basics of working with SDL Studio and:
  • to create and maintain a translation memory.
  • to create a project and add your translatable files to it.
  • to use and update your termbase
  • to customize and use Studio's quality checker


Learn to use SDL Trados 2011. This course is dedicated to people, who already own SDL Studio 2011, but don't use it or prefer not to use it, because they don't really know it. If you're unsure what translation memory, termbase, quality assurance means, consider to take this course.
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In 150 minutes (two sessions, 90 minutes + 60 minutes) we will learn to use SDL Trados 2011.

In order to attend the session you would need to have the program installed on your computer. The software features will be presented via the trainer’s machine but after the first online workshop all attendees will be given a task to be completed by using the CAT tool. to purchase the license please check the available TGB offers or download the trial version.

Download the manual which will help you to install the CAT tool.

There are brilliant translators out there, who may need some help, when it comes to software tool usage. I will try to bridge this gap for you.

Since the course is dedicated to beginners, we will build a solid base with few important processes and the terminology, which you need to start translating with Studio immediately after the first course.

The training consists of two webinars:

1. The first webinar will last 90 minutes and attendees will learn the most about the tool's usage (What a CAT tool is, the basic terms, translation memory creation, project creation, the quality assurance).

2. After the first webinar all participants will be invited to work on their homework and recreate a project with translation memory and terms on your own into your preferred target language. All participants are welcome to send their questions to the trainer on the training forum.

3. The second webinar will last 60 minutes and will be based on questions shared by attendees after they complete their homework.

Upload Date

September 20, 2013

Trainer Bio

Hajnalka Kis - Hajnalka Kis translates professionally since 2009. Since the beginning, Hajnalka started using CAT-tools. In fact, Hajnalka adores CATS (have two quadruped and six installed). Hajnalka Kis learned, how CAT-s can help me to concentrate myself only on the translation - and only the text to be translated - , without having formatting problems, having to search for a phrase, what she already translated. Hajnalka thinks, we are in an age, where every profession has its electronic - or software - help, but we might fail to understand its usefulness, if we only try to AVOID it and not to USE it for our purposes. Hajnalka tries to overcome this mental boundary with her first ProZ.com webinar and try to show attendees, that anyone can translate with a CAT tool in less than 5 minutes!

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